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The vodka TM "Kalganoff" is produced by "Zbarazh Vodka Zavod" Ltd. Located in the city of Zbarazh, Ternopil region, Ukraine.
For many years the "Kalganoff" trademark symbolizes a stable, proven quality and supports true traditions and values.
The new and modern equipment for the plant was manufactured in Italy, which allows you to produce products with no human participation, which is an indicator of the high quality standard of TM "Kalganoff". Since 2010, the enterprise has implemented a quality management system that complies with the standard DSTU ISO 9000: 2009.
For the production of vodka TM "Kalganoff" only high-quality alcohol of "Lux" class is used.
Water for the preparation of vodka is extracted from an artesian well with a depth of 70 meters, and in its characteristics is mineral, natural water. The well is located on the territory of the enterprise.


The company sets itself high goals and does not stop at the achieved. The company employs people who share the love for a common cause and want to do better today than yesterday. We constantly care about the undoubted quality of our products. Each of us is a professional in our field. but only together we achieve consistently high results and earn a positive reputation among colleagues and clients.
Our products have been awarded with various awards. In particular, we received our last award at the international level Best Drink tasting competition - one of the most authoritative contests in Ukraine.


Each "Kalganoff" bottle is special, created by exclusive recipes. Unites our whole the products of the use of pure spring water and the best quality grape alcohol for softness of taste and aroma. This is a unique product that embodies the harmonious combination of nature and modern technology. Hopefully, each of you will find "Kalganoff" to your liking!


Kalganoff on Facebook Kalganoff on Instagram Kalganoff on YouTube

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